5 skin care tips to keep your skin soft and glow in winters


Yay! So winter is around the corner and your cozy, warm jackets and long boots are out of closet but what about the dry and lifeless winter skin that is being Grinch in Christmas and stopping you to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Give a read to these 5 tips for glowing skin in winters and say bye-bye to dry and chapped skin…


Rinse with lukewarm water:  Maybe we are snatching the most enjoyable thing of this weather from you that is Hot Shower. But trust the experts, as per them hot water extracts the moisture out of the skin and makes it dull. So try to use lukewarm water and let your skin breathe fully.


Apply Moisturizer:  keep the moisturizer handy and apply it just after face wash. Choosing moisturizer for winter is a tedious task as the market is filled with products made with chemicals which may feel good instantly but have bad effects on your skin. Vedicline makes one of the best ayurvedic products in India, it has an amazing series of moisturizers which includes aromatherapy-moisturizer , fig & honey-moisturizer and many more. It will soothe your skin and keep your day lighten up.


Stay Hydrated:  Our love for tea, coffee and chocolates make us neglect water which results in dry skin, patches, and even UTI sometimes. So keep having sips of warm water every 20 minutes and show some love to your skin.


Use winter friendly cleanser:  Usual cleansers tend to rob moisture from your skin, so try to use cleansers which has moisturizing ingredients. Try Vedicline’s ayurvedic face cleanser which will keep the moisture of your skin intact and cleanse it up.


Importance of Diet:  You are what you eat – Brillat Savarin.

Whatever you consume in your stomach is ultimately going to reflect on your skin. So it is very important to make a diet plan which helps you glow inside as well as outside. Try including enough vegetables, fruits, milk and other vitamin-rich substances in your diet regime.


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