Best Tan removal products available in market


As summers are back, burning heat and humidity are going to make you cringe. So here are some tips to follow to avoid any skin issue in summers and make it happy go lucky. We are recommending products in 3 categories of Scrub, mask and cream which and formulated precisely and work the best on tanned skin.

Choco deli Sugar Scrub:
It is a must use product for people who spend a lot of time outside. The ayurvedic face scrub works effectively to remove dead skin cells which lead to a younger and healthier looking skin. Also works on the rough and uneven skin and reduces early signs of aging. Open up the unclogged pores and exfoliate away to a clear, soft, smooth, tan free and glowing skin.

Bio white D tan Face pack:
The D tan Face pack is tailor made for whitening and brightening of skin.
Instant brightening and lightening
Hydrates and nourishes skin
Healing and calmness effect
Anti-aging effect

How to apply:
Evenly Apply
Leave it for 10- 12 min
Massage it
Rinse it off

Bio White Massage Cream:
The D tan face cream is enriched with Seaweed to give fairer skin
1. Even tone and Fairer skin
2. Healer and protector
3. Gives tan free, soft and firm skin
4. No paraben
The product is filled with
Seaweed – Antioxidant ingredient
Vitamin C – The anti-aging nutrient
Turmeric – An anti-bacterial herb
Liquorice – No more dark circle

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