Importance of sunscreen in winters


For most of us, winter means “No sunscreen season”, which is the most wrong thing you have been doing for your skin till now. Sunrays are loaded with vitamin D but extreme exposure of UV rays can cause wrinkles, tanning, fine lines, premature aging, and even cancer. Snow reflects 80% of UV rays that is why people living in snowy areas and winter sports players specifically need to use sunscreen to avoid harmful sun rays.

Let’s understand the terminologies related to sunscreen so that you understand ifs and buts related to it. At the end we will also introduce you to the best sunscreen for winters, and how to apply it correctly.


What is meant by UV rays?

UV radiation stands for ultraviolet rays which have been considered the biggest factor for skin cancer. Sun is the main source of these ultraviolet radiations. UV rays not just make skin aging but also alters the DNA of skin that controls the growth of skin cells which ultimately results in cancer. There are 3 types of UV rays: UVA, UVB, UVC; UVB being the most harmful.


How does sunscreen protect from UV rays?

Sunscreen contains minerals such as Zinc oxide and titanium oxide that act as UV rays blocker, these minerals reflect UV rays and save you from its harmful impact.

Sunscreen also contains some organic compounds which although absorb UV rays, but after absorption, they absorb heat and avoid the impact of UV rays.


Vedicline brings you an amazing range of sunscreens, vedicline Sun proctor, which will not just save you from harmful rays but also keep your skin glow and fresh all day. These sunscreens are available in different SPF (Sun protection factor: a measurement unit which measures the extent of protection against UV radiations.) Both type of sunscreen for dry skin and for oily skins are available here.


How to apply sunscreen?

  • Put sunscreen first and then apply moisturizer.
  • Put on a thick layer (almost two ounces)
  • Use it thrice a day
  • Don’t rub the cream on your hands first, rather apply dots of it on your face and then apply gently.
  • Use it daily.


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