Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Carry Your Heart With Our Gift Hampers


Far from here, away from right and wrong there is Place where you will meet someone who seems like home. You will Know that’s love.

From a baby to a 90year old walking through street has a different idea of love in his mind, but what doesn’t change is the core of love. It’s the same, always, in every way.Your love is your partner in crime, your greatest adventure, the one whom you would want in any version of reality, in every parallel universe.

So what’s your idea of valentine??

A romantic dinner, A movie like “A notebook” or A juke box of Elvis Presley

Any idea coupled with a small token of care will brighten up the smile of your other half. Okay, Okay, we know that finding that token is tougher than finding that special one. But Love and Care are as old as hills, you just think of it love way. What could be a better way to say Olive You than giving a secret of Mother Nature which takes care of your other half and become their beauty soulmate?

Here is the gift hamper that could come in handy while searching for that perfect gift, and trust us there is nothing else that could come closer to being perfect.

Vedicline Beauty in the Box: The beauty box will unlock magical properties of wonderleaf “Neem”, Herb of God “Sandalwood”, Granny’s medicine “Turmeric” and Anti Toxin in Black “Activated Charcoal”. Let this Valentine Bae Fall in love with YOU and Her skin. We understand your love because that’s how we make our products and our love is like penguins’ “together and forever”. Carry your heart in our beauty box, everything else is already taken care of.

Box Contains:
1. Neem & Brahmi Face Wash 120 Ml
2. Sandalwood & Turmeric moisturizer 100 Ml
3. Orange Lip Balm 15 Ml
4. ActiveCharcoal Kit- Box Sachet 39 Ml
5. Lychee Shake Cleansing Milk 100 Ml

Vedicline Hamper of love: We are here to take you in her magical world of skin care products, where she has shown pretty much every emotion. We know because we have been there forever with her. When Sandalwood Face Wash knocked out monster looking pimple on that prom night, you first saw her. Sun proctor came to rescue when she was more stubborn than the sun to travel because she loves her work more than anything. OR when she looked flawless and happiest in her Best friend’s marriage with Vedicline BB cream fair. Gift her Vedicline Hamper of love to Fall in love with every side of hers all over again and get ready for the warmest hug ever.

Box Contains: 1.Vedicline Sandalwood FaceWash
2.Vedicline Sun proctor SPF 30
3. Vedicline Choco Lip Balm
4. Vedicline BB cream fair
5. Vedicline Sandalwood and Turmeric Moisturizer

Vedicline Aim your heart Hamper: Her Five best friends she never stops chattering about are now in one hamper: The Disinfectant -Orange Cleansing Syrup, The Glam look Partners- Fairness Blend and BB cream fair, The beauty addon – ActiveCharcoal Kit, The 24*7 – Grapefruit and Honey Moisturizer. Every favorite ingredient of Ayurveda is enclosed in our Gift Hampers. So this Valentine Don’t just tell her how much you love her but Say Bhagvadanu Graha Praptirastu that is God Bless You to her skin with Vedicline’s Aim Your Heart Hamper and Capture the look on her face with wide eyes, smiling lips and jumping feet.

Box Contains:
1.Vedicline Orange Cleansing Syrup
2.Vedicline Fairness Blend
3. Vedicline ActiveCharcoal Kit- Box Sachet
4. Vedicline BB cream fair
5. Vedicline Grapefruit and Honey Moisturizer

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