A clarifying, cooling and foot pain relief product based on the classic Ayurvedic treatment of Eucalyptus and tea tree oil. This traditional cream range is created by extracting a variety of herbs and plants into an essential oil base.

Relieves a variety of pains and soreness including muscular pain, joint ache, foot ache as well as tension and fatigue. Provides instant relief from congestion and headache. A completely natural, fatigue and pain relief formula that is free of side effects and gentle enough for everyday use.

Regardless of how enthusiastically we attempt to ensure ourselves, disturbing muscles hurt actually make a nibble of us! Alongside it starts the tingling, then, at that point scratching which may give us impermanent alleviation. So we wind up scratching more, which at last leads our skin settling the score more bothered. With our pain relief cream range, you would now be able to stop the endless loop of tingling and scratching.

It has a delicate plan of normal fixings like eucalyptus and tea tree oil that fends off muscle pain. Its minimal size makes it venture out agreeable to convey it anyplace you go. With the power of Ayurveda, it is protected and ideal to use for you, your little one and your family. This range is so powerful for pain relief.

Vedicline products are Cruelty-Free and Vegan and do not contain Parabens, SLS/SLES, mineral oils and phthalates. Thus they are free for regular use and they also don’t have any side effects if used as directed.

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