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See How You Can Overcome the Betrayals Played by Your Dear Cosmetics

Harmful effects of cosmetics on skin & How to Overcome from that

Saving oneself from the harmful effects of cosmetics on the skin as pertinent as being in fine fettle. You sure wouldn’t want to look like you were hit by a Taser several times. Therefore a person who is weak and looks so beaten up.

We know cosmetic products as a means for cleansing, starting up, nurturing attractively, or evolving the appearance. Don’t you think you need to learn more about this topic? Know more about the potential dangers and solutions to not fall prey to your cosmetics?

Since our skin is open to such products every time we use it, it gets susceptible to harm as well. Perhaps the most commonly utilise ingredients in cosmetics that may be harmful to health are the fragrance or preservatives. Let’s get forward to know the unwholesome effects of these so-called body caring products made to your skin & body. However, also learn about how you can replace your current routine to something natural, hence safe?

At the same time, you should learn about the harmful effects of cosmetics on the skin?

1.  Skin Diseases

The sensitivity of an individual’s skin varies from person to person. Someone may instantly get allergic to a particular product while the other may not. Skin whitening creams, sunscreens, and sunblocks are blameworthy of such skin diseases and reactions. They may lead to discolouration of skin leaving patches and allowing people to provide you with free advice. However, also make you learn about how one of their relatives face the same problem.

Solution: You need to opt for skincare products that comfort your skin. Natural extracts like essential oils, mild natural herbs, ayurvedic herbs enrich products are safe to use anyway.

2.  Hair Problems

Nowadays, people don’t step back if they are asked to do the experiment with their hair or anything. But do you know that such experimenting can cost you your natural hair? People are double-crossed in the name of professional hair-care products like Shampoos, conditioners, serums, hair colours and gels as well.

From your scalp getting red to hair loss and increasing dandruff to thinning of hair strands. However, you may also discover such issues post using these highly damaging harsh chemical products. Be aware of the harmful effects of cosmetics on the skin.

Solution: Use products which are made up of various hair oils (coconut oil, Argan Oil, and Vegetable Oil), milk proteins, etc.

3.  Chronic Diseases

As lipsticks contain Aluminum it may cause long term anaemia, glucose intolerance or any other chronic diseases as well. There’s even a chance of respiration related problems while some may even cause organ failures.

Solution: Use products containing mild herbal ingredients like Beeswax, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Fruit extracts, etc.

4.  Threat to Reproductive Organs

Strong chemicals can prove to be harmful to the reproductive organs if they get in direct contact with the organs. Cosmetics containing asbestos like talcum powder can cause a problem in the menstrual cycle.

As the source suggests, avoid shower gels and shower creams during bath as they may cause infertility. They may do the cleaning but at a cost of posing risk to your reproductive organs. There can be vaginal infections or even dangerous if the cosmetics are flawed and low on quality.

Solution: Use mild washes every day. Bring in use the products made up of essential oils and natural ingredients like Kanda Bel, Malati.

5.  Aging

Makeup can cause ageing of the skin before time. You’re also advised to avoid talc makeup because it can dry your skin out. Dryness tends to point up fine lines and pores, giving the skin an aged appearance. Hence, try using these products as often as possible!

Solution: Try keeping your skin clean and free of external dirt which eventually prevents clogging of pores. Makeup is not essential if you have skin that could tolerate additive products. Use natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal products, like, Dark Chocolate, Kale, Blueberries, etc.

Put the fundamental skincare routine to use which is, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Therefore you’ll be glad to concentrate more on your skin’s health post astonishing results.

At the conclusion, after reading this blog you will be able to understand the harmful effects of cosmetics on skin. At the same time, you’ll learn how to choose products for your skin?

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