Tips to play safe Holi

Holi 2021 & dos and don ts of holi & Tips to play safe holi

Holi 2021 can be destroyed if kids are not educated to play securely with colors. Keep yourself away from falling debilitated to being harassed in the city.

According to dermatologists and beauticians, “The utilization of chemical-based colors during Holi regularly causes extreme skin bothering, dermatitis, consuming and redness that can be upsetting. At times, the bothering is extreme to the point that it prompts irreversible pigmentation.

They clarify that most water hues have a soluble and whenever sprinkled into eyes can cause impermanent visual deficiency. Hues as paste  normally have poisonous mixtures blended in a base of motor oil. Compound tones are additionally less expensive substitutes to home grown colors and numerous individuals will in general pick them.

Here are a few things guardians need to remember before sending their children out to celebrate the festival.

Do’s and Don’ts of Holi


Holi 2021 & dos and don ts of holi & Tips to play safe holi
  1. Use chemical-free colors: Try to make or purchase colors that are home-based or flower-based. This will give naturality and protect children from harmful substances. This tip is not only for children but also for adults to protect their skin from harmful chemicals.
  2. Wear full-sleeved garments: Another way to protect yourself from harmful rays, as well as chemicals, is just right here. That you can likewise wear full-sleeved garments to shield the body parts from colors.
  3. Apply oil or cream before playing: Before venturing out to play Holi, ensure to apply oil or cream everywhere on the body and face. Therefore, apply it particularly to the uncovered territories. This will help eliminate the colors without any problem.
  4.  Ensure their hair is tied appropriately: Ensure your youngster’s hair is tied so when they play, the tones don’t trickle at them. However, you can likewise apply a lot of oil on the scalp to keep the color’s side effects at bay.
  5. Make your youngster drink a lot of water: Get your kid to drink a lot of water. It is essential to keep youngsters hydrated.
  6. Don’t forget mask- the speciality of holi 2021: Always remember to wear the mask properly all the time to retain the spread of corona.
  7. Carry SPF: Apply sunscreen with SPF to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays which may harm your skin for sure. However, colors are not the only thing that can cause damage to the skin. Additionally, remember to wear waterproof sunscreen, it’s HOLI 2021.
  8. Bath with natural ingredients: If your skin is highly trapped with the colors then take a bath with besan, curd, or turmeric. These ingredients will help to remove the colors very effectively.
  9. Cover your nails with nail paint: Apply nail paint to your nails to protect the enamel from the harmful color’s after-effects.


The Dos and Don'ts of India's Holi Festival
  1. Instruct about assent: Regardless of how much your youngster loves to play, it doesn’t require any type of inappropriateness. Tell your kid the person in question can’t put tones on somebody powerfully or menace them for not being down.
  2. Try not to venture out during the pinnacle hours: If possible, don’t allow your youngster to venture out during the pinnacle long periods of festivity. However, try not to turn into a casualty of hooliganism.
  3. Request that they be cautious on wet surfaces: Guarantee your kid doesn’t go around on wet surfaces to dodge odds of a physical issue.
  4. Try not to allow children to wander around in wet garments for long: When your youngster has completed the process of playing, get them to change wet garments to avoid sickness.
  5. Don’t use colors on sensitive areas like the nose, ears, and eyes: Many areas in our body are very sensitive to chemicals. Try to avoid the colors from sensitive areas.
  6. Avoid Kerosene: Don’t even think of applying kerosene to remove the extra layers of colors from your skin and hair. It will highly damage both hair and skin at the same time.
  7. Don’t use mud: This behaviour will not only ruin the day as well as spread unhygienic-ness. Avoid contact from germs.


How can we be safe in Holi 2021?

We can simply keep ourselves safe on this holi 2021 by simply following the do’s and don’ts of holi. There are some common things you need to focus on like skincare and haircare. You can moisturize your skin and wear full sleeves clothes. Sunscreen will also play a major role in shielding your skin. Don’t forget to do oiling in your scalp to keep the chemicals of colors at bay. Wash your hair properly after the celebration of Holi.

What should we not do on Holi?

We know that it’s a festival of colors and happiness then don’t try to misbehave. Therefore, Keep your morality first not only amongst people but also with skin and hair.

What do you wear to a Holi party?

It is fashionable if you wear white and trending clothes but still try to keep it full sleeves. It will only protect your skin from harmful damage because of colors. However, the most special thing is don’t forget to wear sunscreen.


Holi assists with uniting the general public and reinforces the common texture of our country. However, non-Hindus also loved to celebrate this festival likewise everyone likes to be a part of this colourful celebration.

Additionally, the custom of the Holi is that even the foes turn companions on Holi. However, neglect any sensation of difficulty that might be available. Moreover, on this day individuals don’t separate between the rich and poor. Everyone commends the celebration along with a feeling of bonhomie and fraternity.

Holi 2021 date and time: All you need to know about Holi

In the evening individuals visit companions and family members and trade endowments, desserts, and good tidings. This aids in revitalizing connections and fortifying enthusiastic connections between individuals.

We additionally need to thank our progenitors who began the pattern of observing Holi at a deductively precise time. What’s more, likewise for fusing such a lot of fun in the celebration.

Furthermore, the colors when splashed on the body enormously affect it. Experts accept the fluid color or Abeer infiltrates the body and goes into the pores. It reinforces the particles in the body and adds wellbeing and excellence to it.

How Holi is celebrated in the south additionally advances great wellbeing. However, the day after the consumption of Holika individuals put Vibhuti on their heads and they would blend Chandan. Therefore, the youthful leaves and blossoms of the Mango tree burn-through to advance great wellbeing.

Likewise, playing with colors helps to advance great wellbeing as they are said to extraordinarily affect our wellbeing. Specialists accept that for a healthy body, colors also have a significant spot other than the other imperative components.

Individuals likewise tidy up their homes on Holi which helps in clearing up the residue and wreck. However, they dispose of mosquitoes and other bothers. A perfect house by and large causes the occupants to feel better and create good energies.

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