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Rescue Hair from Undesirable Effects of Pollution

How to protect hair from dust and pollution |Vedicline

Do you know how to protect hair from dust and pollution? Your hair needs a wash. Really?

When do you get this thought? Does it strike your head once you find your scalp either oily or dusty?

Is that true?

If yes, then what should be done to make it oil or dust-free? Instead of going with a routine of daily washing your hair. However, keeping your hair safe against the existing environmental factors. Is this possible? Of course, it is feasible only with the support of concrete ways of taking care of your hair with patience.

Certain tips to keep your hair in high maintenance:

Main Parts of the Body:

As in regard to skin and hair, both the parts are exposed to air pollution. As sunscreens protect one’s skin against the UV rays. Therefore in case of hair if being shielded by a cap or a thick piece of fabric.

But in reality, hair is often taken with levity, and not seen much covered. So, due to your prolonged negligence, it poses drastic results that are above everybody’s expectations. It results in one’s scalp in irritation, dryness, frizz, intense hair havoc, and even early signs of baldness. Most of all, your hair gets susceptible to prevailing factors of pollution.

Acts like a Magnet:

Your scalp acts like an electromagnetic field inviting all the impurities entering into your hair. However, as a consequence, end up causing internal damage to the charm of your hair. It’s not safe for the hair you are so fond of, so you must keep it out of hair woes.

Metropolitan Cities:

As we all know highly developed cities like Delhi, Bombay, etc. are overpopulated and largely polluted.

Knowing this fact, how can you let your skin and hair be exposed to the pollutants present in the air? Are you in your senses? You have no idea to what extent your hair, skin and even body possibly be taken a toll. Since the atmosphere is infused with dust, lead, smoke, nickel, other chemicals, etc. It will finish impeding the growth of fibre in your hair.

Put on a hat/cap:

Even if you don’t look sassy as much as you desired. Leave that realization and save your hair with all the safety measures to combat hazardous chemicals invariably available in the air. In addition, reducing the chances of watching starry nights up in the sky. But at the same time, you are learning how to protect hair from dust and pollution.

Keep Hydration Level in check:

Staying hydrated is healthy for your hair, your skin and of course your body as well. Pollution that makes your hair dry and as a result, your bad scalp.  All thanks to hair conditioners, hair serums, hair oils infused with herbal extracts, etc. Conditioning the damaged hair and restoring the fibres, bounce, suppleness and youthfulness to your scalp.

Avoid using hair appliances in excess:

It’s great to give a style statement to your hair mainly when you have parties or any celebrations to attend. Using straightener, curler, blow dryer, etc. in large amounts will not only cause great hair damage. Therefore, in a way, it will affect the quality of your hair in a bad manner. Staying in vogue is not bad at all, but excessively making use of anything would probably lead to disastrous results.

In conclusion

with this blog, you will get to know how to protect hair from dust and pollution. Your hair safety depends on how nicely you look after and with what period of time. It all depends on how much care you give. No matter how expensive products you are using nowadays. The fact which you need to understand is the naturality of your hair. However, it will only come with genuine care.

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