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Myths vs. Reality: These are the top 11 things you should know before using sunscreen

myth you should know before using sunscreen

Everyone wants to take care of their skin. People use many types of beauty products to keep their skin beautiful and young. One such essential product to take care of the skin is sunscreen lotion or cream. Sunscreen is a cream that protects our skin from the harmful UV and UVB rays of the sun. Today we will talk about some of the Sunscreen myths and their truth.

There are wide varieties of sunscreen available in the market these days. When buying sunscreen, it is essential to pay attention to what level of sunlight you are going out in. Generally, it is appropriate to use SPf 50-level cream for solid and bright sunlight in a country like India.

Sunscreen myths and their truth

Using sunscreen is very important for beautiful and healthy skin. However, in many sunscreen myths, people’s minds know the truth.

Myth 1- Applying once a day is enough

Reality:- People believe that she works all day by applying sunscreen while leaving the house. But this is not a fact. The effect of sunscreen starts decreasing after a short time of exposure to light. Sunscreen should be reapplied every two to four hours if you are constantly in the sun.

Myth 2- Skin does not darken when you apply sunscreen

Reality:- A good sunscreen acts as a protection against UVB & UVA rays. Although it is not completely correct to say that even after using sunscreen protects the skin from most of the sun’s rays, but still some amount of sunlight reaches and the skin can turn black.

Myth 3- It is better to apply sunscreen than to cover the skin

Reality:- There are also Sunscreen myths that if you have used this sunscreen cream, then you stay in the sun as much as you want, and UVA and UVB rays will not affect your skin badly. Also, you will not need to cover your skin with any cloth or cap, etc. If you think so, then it is wrong because keeping the skin covered is much safer than sunscreen.

Myth 4- Sunscreen is not required for those with dark skin.

Reality: – There is a sunscreen myth that Some people have a misconception that people with dark skin i.e. dark complexion do not need sunscreen. But this is wrong. People with dark complexion should also apply sunscreen. Yes, indeed people with more melanin in the skin do not need to use sunscreen much because melanin can diffuse UVB rays.

According to a fact, dark-skinned people do not suffer as much from sunlight or sunburn as light-skinned people. But to protect their skin, people with dark complexion should also use Full Spectrum Sunscreen.

Myth 5- Sunscreen prevents access to Vitamin D in the body

Reality: – Some people believe the sunscreen layer does not allow your skin to take Vitamin D. But this fact is not completely true. The rays of the sun are so strong that even if they are falling on our clothes, the body gets vitamin D.

Myth 6- Sunscreen causes health problems

Reality:- A substance called oxybenzone is used to make sunscreen. Some time ago research was done about oxybenzone. In this research, the bad effect of this element on rats was revealed. The truth of this is that the element called oxybenzone being used in sunscreen is not causing any harm to humans. No such fact has come to the fore that any human being has been harmed by this element called oxybenzone present in sunscreen.

Myth 7- All sunscreens are the same

Reality: – It is a  sunscreen myths that all sunscreens are the same. This myth is wrong. Facts about Sunscreens that they are made using ingredients like Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, and Ekasool. Apart from this, many chemicals are also used in it. All these elements protect the skin from sunburn in different ways. Of these, full spectrum sunscreen is considered the best. Sunscreen with the most powerful UV rays protects the skin from sunburn. Generally, sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or more are deemed suitable for climates like India.

Myth 8- Sunscreen is waterproof

Reality: – Regarding sunscreen myths, some people believe that sunscreen is a waterproof cream. But this is not completely true. Whatever the sunscreen, it cannot be completely waterproof. Therefore, waterproof sunscreen should always be used after coming in contact with water. If you are going to take a bath in a water park or swimming pool, then sunscreen lotion should be applied at least 10 to 15 minutes before.

Myth 9- Sunscreen does not expire

Reality: – According to a myth, it is believed that sunscreen creams never expire. This sunscreen fact and myth is wrong. Any sunscreen expires according to its manufacturing date and the effect of the active ingredients that protect it from UV rays goes on decreasing. Any sunscreen also has the same expiry date as medicines etc. Therefore, do not go out in the sun by applying sunscreen with an expiry date.

Myth 10- If you use makeup regularly, you’ll look younger for longer

 Reality:- If anyone can keep their skin looking youthful, it takes good care of it. Right now it is necessary to make sure whether you are using good quality products or normal, as it can after the skin.

Myth 11- There is no need to panic if a product causes mild irritation after using it on the skin

Reality:-  However, this is not true. However, it could be because of its harmful chemicals or it could also be that those products are not suitable for your skin. In such a situation, do not follow the misconception that such products will make your skin more glowiv ng.

Do Remember

Regular application of sunscreen is advised. You must now be aware of the correct and incorrect approaches to it. So now you can use it without any confusion.

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