Diamond Tejas is our best salon and parlour product at our Vedicline skincare junctions. It is more useful as salon and parlour products as it has a professional touch.

This is one of the best beauty parlour products for better skin. There’s nobody size-fits-all arrangement when attempting to foster a decent skin health management schedule. Everybody is unique, with various necessities.

This range attempts to apparently lessen the presence of hyperpigmentation, flaws, skin break out marks, lopsided skin tone – all while limiting pore size.

It shields the skin from free revolutionaries and diminishes photodamage. Additionally, this range diminishes the presence of flaws, wrinkles, and skin inflammation.

This combo consists of Diamond Tejas cleanser, Diamond Tejas serum, Diamond Tejas massage Cream, Diamond Tejas mask, Diamond Tejas Massage Gel, Diamond Tejas Bleach & Diamond Tejas Facial with the goodness of the Diamond Bhasma and some other potent ingredients required for the youthful look.

Our skin fixes well, for the time being, that is a verifiable truth. With issues like dryness, bluntness, age spots and wrinkles that appear as our skin ages, that short-term fix turns into even more significant. Here’s a magical diamond Tejas salon and parlour products with the extricate of nature-driven plants.

Therefore, tons of goodness will give your skin extreme hydration and cell recharging. Go on, embrace your brilliant years with the best for the time being!

This is the best and easily affordable range for fantastic skin and will be very helpful for getting the young look with the regular use of this range.

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Diamond Tejas Anti Wrinkle Combo

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Diamond Tejas Bleach

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Diamond Tejas Cleanser


Diamond Tejas Facial

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Diamond Tejas Massage Cream


Diamond Tejas Massage Gel


Diamond Tejas Pack


Diamond Tejas Scrub


Diamond Tejas Serum