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Healthy living is necessary for the maintenance of a healthy life and for that we should follow some tips to stay healthy. You don’t need to be positive constantly. It’s alright to feel dismal, furious, irritated, disappointed, frightened, and restless. Therefore, having emotions doesn’t make you an adverse individual, it makes you human.

This has been very common in all human beings for quite a time. Sometimes people won’t understand your path which you have chosen for your success. But honestly, they don’t need to, because it is not for them.

Now, I would love to share with you how to be mentally healthy and happy. 

Above all, a healthy mind gives you wealthy vibes. Yes! This is a fact as the more you are mentally fit, the more your brain works well.

Activities to improve mental health

1- Connect with Other People:-

You should build strong connections with other people so that they can support you and you as well.

2- Play! Plan something Fun:-

Maintain a habit of playing and enjoying your day with thrill and courage as it can recharge yourself.

3- Take care of yourself:-

Do exercise, have a good breakfast. After that, drink water and have a well planned balanced diet. Likewise, physical and mental health are tied with each other, so you should be good to your body.

4- Rest:-

You should aim to give your body the rest of at least 7 hours of sleep. It should not exceed this time limit as it gives your mind the best recovery from the hustle.

5- Deal with stress:-

You should try to find out the point wherein your mind stresses the most. Above all, this will surely help you in reducing your mental problems. Likewise, will lead to a reduction in your stress.

So, for instance, here we saw some ways which will help you in staying mentally healthy and happy.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the habits to improve mental health.

With regards to remaining intellectually solid and sound, the familiar saying applies: 

In addition, prevention is the best medication.

Tips to stay healthy,How to be mentally healthy and happy

(i) Mindfulness:-

It is the capacity to manage and control our consideration—what we decide to zero in on. 

The important ability you can have for maintaining a strategic distance from sorrow, uneasiness, & other psychological wellness issues.

(ii) High – intensity interval training:-

High-Intensity Interval Training is a technique for practicing seriously for short measures of time.

(iii)Sleep Like a Robot:-

Great rest implies dozing like a robot would—typically, reliably, and as negligently as could be expected under the circumstances.

(iv)Intermittent Fasting:-

It is the framework I know of for eating well, it helps me stay focused and clear-headed throughout the day.


Being assertive doesn’t mean we’re rude or demanding; it means we respect ourselves enough to ask for what we want.

So, for instance, these were a few habits which are the part of tips to stay healthy. One should amend for their better mental and overall health.

Foods to improve mental health

Let us just take a look at some food items which would help you in improving your mental health.


It is full of fiber and cell reinforcements, beans and vegetables save you more full for more.

Keeping your glucose steady and empowering you to consume more vitality.

Beans additionally contain thiamine, a nutrient required for the creation of acetylcholine.


We all have heard the loud praises leafy greens seem to get for everything – including mental health. If you can’t beat it, join it.


These are full of antioxidants and help in inhibiting the oxidation in the brain and the body. Additionally, they also lead to the growth of new neurons.


These are the rich sources of tryptophan. This is an amino acid that helps in producing serotonin. Serotonin assists in calming the mind, improving your mood, and maintaining a gentle sleep cycle.


It has a powerful impact on your mind as it lowers the levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.


These are those antioxidants that contain a compound called polyphenols. It has been found to improve memory, concentration, and attention span.

Oily Fish-

This food is called brain food. This is so because it contains little fatty acid known as DHA.

DHA is an Omega-3 carboxylic acid, which helps improve both short and LTM, contributing to optimal brain health. 

So, these were some of the important food items which you should inculcate in your diet.

Now, it isn’t about reading you should also spread and intake such awareness on this topic. Additionally, it is also about mental illness.

A mental illness is a physical illness of the brain which causes disturbances in thinking, behavior, energy, or emotion. In addition, this makes it difficult to cope with the ordinary demands of life. 

Therefore, research has started uncovering the complicated causes of these diseases or medical conditions for instance, heart diseases.

Mental health awareness

Now there are some awareness points:-

Stigma affects not only the amount seeking treatment but also the amount of resources available for correct treatment. 

It (stigma) and misinformation can feel like overwhelming obstacles for someone who is struggling with a mental health condition.

Here a couple of powerful belongings you can do to help:

  • Showing individuals respect and acceptance removes a big barrier to successfully dealing with their illness. 
  • Advocating within our circles of influence: It helps ensure these individuals have the same rights and opportunities as other members of your church, school, and community.
  • Learning more about psychological state allows us to supply  helpful support to those affected in our families and communities.

In conclusion, tips to stay healthy is important to keep your body active.

A healthy mind is a wealthy mind, so keep it in care!

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