List of best tips to follow for cure dark lips organically

Treatment for dark lips & List of best tips to follow for cure dark lips organically

Treatment for dark lips is just meant to fulfill the lost confidence inside you. The shade of the skin on the lips contrasts from one individual to another. Moreover, no shade is better or fabulous than the other. Sometimes, the shade of your lips may show that they need more consideration. 

Some people may have discoloration on their lips. However, discoloration or pigmentation can be the consequence of some medical factors. Some of the main causes of dark lips can be high exposure to direct sunlight, an allergic reaction, etc. There are various tips to cure your dark lips that don’t even require buying expensive products or treatments. 

Therefore, tips for curing dark lips can effectively work as a treatment for dark lips.

What causes dark lips?

Darkening of the lips has multiple reasons. Some of them are:-

  1. Unavailability of hydration
  2. Smoking, drinking, intake of alcohol
  3. Harmonious use of cosmetic products
  4. Sucking the lips
  5. Continue exposure to the sun

How to lighten dark lips?

Treatment of dark lips can be done organically nowadays. However, medical science has made it possible to approve such tips which can cure dark lips. Here are a few tips about the same:

Ways to darken lip- Treatment for dark lips-Vedicline


Lemon is a natural bleaching agent that helps in lightening the lips. This remedy works well to naturally lighten the lips.


Hyperpigmentation occurs as a repercussion of excess melanin. However, Turmeric performs the task of a melanin inhibitor and acts as a treatment for dark lips.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe ties up moisture to your skin, making them feel less dry. Therefore, it charges your lips with antioxidants that dispute wrinkles.


Pomegranate acts great in lightening dark lips. It consists of a compound known as punicalagin which intercepts the production of melanin. 

Lemon and sugar:

Lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent that helps in lightening the lips. Sugar is a delicate exfoliator that aids in disposing of dead cells.

Dark lips treatment

Treatment of dark lips can be done organically which can cure them at their best. Dark lips can get cured naturally with the help of the following tips:

Ways to cause dark lips-Vedicline

Moisturize with glycerine:

Glycerine moisturizes the sensitive skin of the lips, keeping it elegant and smooth. It removes dead cells from the skin and lightens the lip color when mixed with lemon juice and applied. However, glycerine also prevents the skin from patching and breaking.

Exfoliate with scrubs:

Exfoliate the skin of your lips gently with the help of a scrub. You can even make a scrub on your own. This can be done by mixing a little honey and sugar to remove the dead skin of the lips

Massage with essential oils:

Gently massage your lips with essential oils like extra virgin coconut oil or almond oil. These oils improve the blood circulation of your lips giving them a healthier pink color instead of the dark color. However, rub your lips with these essential oils four or five times a day for the best and quick results.

Use Sunscreen as a protector:

Use sunscreen whether you are outdoors or indoors. Apply the sunscreen evenly on your lips to prevent the UV rays of the sun from causing hyperpigmentation.

Dark lips treatment by a dermatologist

Dermatologists diagnose, investigate, treat and manage the conditions of dark lips with correct methods. Some of the tips by them are:

Stop biting your lips:

Lip biting is a common habit to many people nowadays. Thus, people find themselves having dry lips.

Switch to anti-pigmentation actives:

Anti-pigmentation actives like retinol or kojic acid work efficiently on your lips to destroy pigmentation.

Consider laser therapies:

This is an effective treatment for lip pigmentation advised by many dermatologists. Therefore, Laser therapies such as pixie or picture can help you in getting rid of lip pigmentation.

Faq-Drak lips treatement

FAQ’s for Dark lips treatment

Q1. Can you reverse dark lips?

Well! Yes, you can reverse the darkness of your lips. Now, it is possible to do the impossible using natural remedies. You can have the treatment for dark lips and lighten them naturally.

Here are a few of them:
Olive oil:

Before going to bed, apply a few drops of olive oil onto your lips. This will lighten your lips.

Almond oil:

Every night before going to bed, apply a few drops of almond oil onto your lips. However, it acts as an exfoliator.

Mustard oil:

Once per day, just gently massage a few drops of mustard oil on your lips. Results would be effective.


Just massage half a lemon juice on your lips and massage it gently. Lemon acts as a bleaching agent on your lips.

Q2. Is there any medical treatment for dark lips?

There are various medical treatments for dark lips which are an alternative to these natural remedies. Some of the treatments are :

Laser treatments and chemicals like hydroquinone and kojic acid are mostly used as a treatment for dark lips.

Medical treatment also includes:

Freezing the spots off, scraping or cutting spots off, chemical peels, and topical creams.

Q3. How do dermatologists lighten dark lips?

Topical creams:

Topical creams for lightening the lips can be a good option. You should always use topical creams which are prescribed by a dermatologist.

Chemical Peels:

A variety of chemical peels can be applied on lips as a treatment to lighten dark lips. Chemical peels help stimulate collagen deep within the skin.

Permanent Makeup:

Lip permanent makeup is the latest and best solution to the problems of dark lips. Permanent makeup is helpful in the brightening of lip skin.


It helps in the rejuvenation, hydration, and lightening of lips through micro-channeling technology. 


Treatment for dark lips can be done with the above tips organically. Therefore, these tips would cure the dead skin cells of your lips and revive them. In the end, we would say that” Beauty has no other better compliment than confidence”. So, be happy and always wear a smile on your face. This is a magical tip for soothing lips and is helpful to prove itself a beneficial treatment for dark lips.

Therefore,  don’t forget to visit your dermatologist in a severe case.

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