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Try These Easy Homemade Face Scrub that will Enhance Your skin’s Glow

Homemade face scrub

Our skin is exposed to dust, dirt, and pollution every day. Because of this, the pore of our skin is clogged with dirt. Due to this our skin gradually faces the problems of dead cells and the skin starts losing its natural glow. Nail acne, scars, and light-dark spots on the face occur when these dead cells do not allow the skin to breathe. To sort these problems homemade face scrub are always at the rescue as it works to remove these dead skin. It is necessary to scrub our face regularly so that dead skin can be removed and we can get back naturally glowing skin.

There are dozens of scrubs on the market that claim to do the job. It is obvious that you are confused with many products and which one suits your skin type. That is why we brought the treasures of home Made scrub to clear your confusion. Making this scrub naturally at home itself as it is not only easy and cheap, but it will also not have any side effects. So choose your homemade face scrub according to your skin type.

Ways To Make Homemade Face Scrub

Face Scrub purpose

Olive & Sugar Scrub

Sugar is almost found every time in the home kitchen and it is the best ingredient for DIY face scrub. So to make a scrub take one tablespoon of brown sugar or white any one of them which you use daily at your home. Add one teaspoon of olive oil. If olive oil is not available you can add any other natural oil like coconut or almond oil into it. Now mix these two things well and apply this paste slowly to the face in a circular motion. The roughness of the sugar will open your clogged pores and clean them and the greasiness of the oil will bring back any radiance of the skin. After a few min, clean your face with lukewarm water.

Salt & Pineapple Scrub

It has rarely come to your mind that the salt kept in your kitchen and used daily in food can be a great tonic for your face. So for this scrub, mix one spoon of olive oil or any other natural oil with two spoons of salt and mash the pineapple pieces well and mix it. Apply this paste to the face. This homemade scrub is the best for those with oily skin who are afraid of applying anything due to their sensitive skin. If you have acne on your face, then this homemade face scrub is no less than a panacea for you. So leave your fear and bring back the natural glow.

Haldi and Besan Scrub

Do you remember how grandmother used to ask us to apply turmeric and gram flour on my face every day? Turmeric and gram flour have been of special importance in the grandmother’s treasures and she is absolutely right. This homemade face scrub is  made of turmeric, Gram flour, Rice flour, and milk is suitable for dry skin as well as normal skin. Make a scrub by mixing two spoons of gram flour, one spoon of rice flour, and half a spoon of turmeric and milk. Apply this natural exfoliator for face and rub it slowly. Later apply this paste on the face like a pack and leave it for 10 minutes after that rinse it off .

Vedicline Face Scrub

Papaya-sugar scrub

Everyone knows about the benefits of honey. If strawberries are mixed with honey, then the best homemade face scrub will be ready. Mash a few well-ripened strawberries and add honey to them. Taking this scrub on your palm, apply circular motions on the wet face. After a few minutes of massage, leave it on the face like a face pack for 15 min, then clean your face with cold water. This homemade face scrub for glowing skin is great for oily skin. Strawberries will clean the face by eliminating the extra oil and honey will make the face soft.

Almond and milk scrub

Almonds are good for your health as well as they can also bring back the lost glow of your skin. Soak 5-6 almonds in warm milk overnight. Make a coarse paste by grinding both of them in the morning. Wet the face and massage it with this homemade face scrub, after a few min,clean your with lukewarm water. This scrub removes the dead skin of the face as well as removes blackheads. This homemade scrub for face is good for dry and normal skin.

Masoor Dal and Milk Scrub

If you are troubled by frequent acne and next scars and are tired of trying everything, then this homemade face scrub is especially for you. Soak two spoons of masoor dal in milk overnight and grind it in the morning. Now massage this scrub on the face for five minutes and later apply it as a face pack. After applying for a few min, clean your  face with cold water. With this, the dead cells of the face will be removed and the light-dark spots from acne will also be cleared.

Sandalwood, Rose, and Saffron Scrub

This homemade face scrub is good for all skin types. Mix one spoon of saffron and one spoon of rose petals in two spoons of sandalwood powder. If you want, you can also make a homemade face scrub for a glowing face by adding rose water instead of rose petals. Massage the face with this homemade face scrub, leave it on the face like a face pack and wash it after some time. The freshness of sandalwood and the color of rose-saffron will also enhance the complexion of your face.

Lemon-orange peel scrub

It definitely takes a little more effort to make this homemade face scrub, but its results will compel you to put in your hard work. Dry and grind the peels of lemon or orange. Now make a scrub by adding milk to this powder. A light facial massage done with this scrub will drop most of your skin problems. If you want, grind lemon or orange peel in large quantities and keep it and use it when needed.

Last Thought of Mind

Isn’t this a truly amazing way to enjoy healthy skin? So exfoliation should be done on a regular basis as part of your skincare routine. These homemade face scrubs will remove all the dullness and reveal the new you in no time.

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