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DIY 3 Ginger Scrub to Exfoliate Your Skin

ginger scrub to exfoliate

It’s time to become best friends with ginger as a scrub for face if you’ve been looking for some terrific tips on how to enhance the health of your skin and hair.

Whether we use it in our tea or the food we consume, the good old ginger, also known as adrak, is a favorite in Indian households. It not only astonishes us with its pungent flavor, but it also boasts several health advantages that make it a highly sought-after nuskha for so many maladies. Ginger is a total superhero, helping with everything from digestion to immunity. Few people are aware that this substance can also do wonders for your skin and hair, though.

That’s as a result of its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, which are fantastic for your skin, hair, and body! Are you prepared to learn how to use adrak in your beauty routine now? Move along!

Why Ginger! for scrub for face

Due to its high antioxidant content, ginger is fantastic anti-aging food. It reduces inflammation, treats acne, and clears up blemishes. Additionally, ginger lessens the visibility of scars and hypopigmentation.

Ginger benefits for skin care

1.   Helps to even out skin tone

2.   Deals With Hair loss

3.   Controls Acne

4.   Give glow to the skin

5.   Prevent Fine lines & Wrinkles

6.   Improve hair health

Let’s Know 3 Different Scrubs to Make With Ginger

benefits of ginger
1. Enjoyable Body scrubs With Cinnamon, Honey & Ginger  

Body scrubs are high in antioxidants that are believed to promote blood flow and reduce skin inflammation.


1.   Cinnamon, ground, 1 teaspoon

2.   12 cups of cane sugar, ground

3.   Coconut Oil, 1 tablespoon

4.   Honey, 1 tablespoon

5.   Dried Ginger, half a teaspoon

6.   Castile soap, 1 tablespoon

The above ingredients should be combined, and the mixture should be kept in a glass jar. Apply the scrub liberally and gently rub it over different parts of your body. After, rinse with lukewarm water.

Coconut oil makes your skin moisturized and hydrated, and acne and scars are reduced by honey’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Additionally, raw honey is renowned as a natural defoliant that removes flaky and drab skin to reveal bright, regenerated skin.

 2. Enjoyable and simple body scrub with Lemon & Ginger
Ginger face mask

It’s time to remove the scrub and refresh with this simple lemon ginger scrub for face  when you notice that your skin is feeling a little flaky and dry.

This time, a homemade scrub to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells will help to rejuvenate the skin. This scrub for face, made from basic material is a got-to-for me. The lemon is incredibly energizing and I adore the scent!

This recipe’s ginger will give your skin a brilliant, healthy shine, and the lemons’ mild exfoliating acids help soften scars.


1.   Cucumber, 5 cm long

2.   Ginger slice, 2 cm long

3.   Sea salt, 1 cup

4.   Juice half a lime or lemon and one lime’s zest

5.   1 tsp. almonds and olive oil


Peel the ginger, grate it finely, zest the lime, and squeeze the juice from half of it. When you get a scrub texture, combine it in a food processor with the remaining ingredients & then refrigerate in a container.

Depending on the components’ freshness, this scrub for face can remain effective for 4-6 days.

Circularly rub the scrub on dry areas while in the shower, paying special attention to the ankles, knees, and elbows. Using water, rinse.

3. Give a try Ginger Sugar Body Scrub

Ginger sugar Scrub for face is a wonderful present idea! For excellent skin, it’s also nice to keep for yourself. 


1.   1/fourth cup coconut oil

2.   coarsely sliced 1 tablespoon fresh ginger

3.   1/fourth cup olive oil

4.   0.5 cups sugar, 0.5 cups salt

5.   Essential oil, 10 drops

Start by chopping your ginger coarsely. Grab a tiny saucepan, warm the coconut oil over low heat, then add the ginger. Cook for 5 to 10 minutes, or until aromatic.

Remove from heat and press the coconut oil through a coffee filter or sieve. I gave it some time to properly drain.

Ginger effective on acne

Combine with olive oil while the oil is still heated. Combine by stirring, then allow to cool to room temperature. Add salt and sugar and stir. If used, add the essential oils.

 Things to Consider Before Trying a DIY Scrub

1) If you have dry skin, limit your exfoliation to once a month.

2) Perform a patch test to make sure the mixture won’t make you allergic to anything.

3) Dry brushing will enhance the advantages of utilizing a body cleanse.

4) After using a body scrub, make sure to generously apply moisturizer to your skin.

Product with ginger as a star ingredient

Use Vedicline Citrus Ginger AHA Scrub for face to achieve luminous skin by removing dead skin cells and boosting skin tone and texture, enhancing skin elasticity and evenness, which aids in skin texture improvement by repairing and regenerating skin. This therapy will moisturize your skin with the goodness of walnut shell powder, ginger root extract, orange peel extract, and sesame seed oil. This face scrub brightens the skin, allowing it to breathe and promoting normal suppleness, resulting in improved skin for both men and women. It also makes your skin look vibrant and beautiful by smoothing it, unclogging pores, and minimizing pimples.

Closing Lines 

We all enjoy learning how to make things from scratch, so we share the ingredients in anything from clean eating recipes to handmade face washes with you. To help people create healthier homes skincare scrubs & we love to share these scrub for face with them.

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