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DIY Oatmeal Face Mask At Home For Flawless Skin

Oatmeal Face Mask

Oatmeal during the morning is considered to be the best and most nutritious food to be eaten for breakfast. Oatmeal contains a lot of nutrition which helps in weight loss. But did you know till now that Oatmeal can be applied to the face too? Very few girls know this thing that oatmeal can also be applied to the face as a pack. If your face is full of acne scars, then you can apply oatmeal face mask at home because it contains an element called saponins which clean the pores from the inside and prevents acne from coming.

Oatmeal can also be applied to make the skin tight, Whiten, remove dryness, remove freckles and make the face beautiful and soft. It also contains a lot of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well as fat which moisturizes the face. So in winter, if your skin has become very dry and lifeless, do not forget to apply an oatmeal face mask at home.

What’s the Big Deal About Oatmeal Facemasks?

Because of its cleaning, exfoliating, and moisturizing characteristics, oatmeal face masks are quite popular. They’re a fantastic homemade solution for soft, smooth, healthy, and glowing skin. Oatmeal has a plethora of skin advantages.

Oatmeal Face Mask at Home Skin benefits

Oatmeal Benefits

1.   Oats contain saponin which acts as a natural skin cleanser.

2.   If you have sensitive skin, then you should consume oats daily.

3.   Oatmeal is rich in proteins and lipids which help in keeping the skin healthy.

4.   It also has antioxidant properties that help treat skin damage done by pollution, UV rays, and chemicals.

5.   Oatmeal is an anti-pruritic that helps in controlling itching caused by various skin diseases and infections.

Learn how to make a variety of oatmeal face masks at home and the benefits they have for your skin in the sections below.

 1. Oatmeal and Honey

Mix 1 teaspoon cooked oats and 2 teaspoons honey and massage it lightly on the cheeks. Keep it like this for 10 minutes and then wash the face with lukewarm water. This removes the dryness. Apply this once a week.

2. Oatmeal and Baking Soda

Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda and 3 teaspoons of water in 1 teaspoon of cooked oats. Apply this on your face as a mask and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then wash the face and apply a snick tone. To remove dark spots on the face, apply this mask twice a week.

3. Oatmeal and Yogurt

Prepare a paste by mixing cooked oats and 2 teaspoons of curd. Wait for 10 minutes for it to dry after applying it to your face. Then, with lukewarm water, cleanse your face. Use it once a week to make your skin soft and fair.

4. Oatmeal and Rose Water

To make this pack, mix 2 teaspoons of oatmeal with 1 teaspoon of honey and rose water. Then apply it to the face and wash it with water after 15 minutes. This will give the face an immediate glow. 

5. Oats, Lemon, and Almonds

By applying this easy face mask at home, face becomes smooth and fair. Make a paste by mixing all these ingredients and then apply it to the face. After it has dried, rinse your face with lukewarm water.

6. Oatmeal, Olive Oil, and Lemon Juice

Take 1 tsp. of all three ingredients. Cook the oatmeal and mix all these things in it. Apply this on the face and neck. Leave it on for 10 minutes then wash the face. You can apply this mask twice each week. This oatmeal face mask will clear the blackheads on the face and the face will start glowing.

7. Oatmeal and Almond Oil

 Mix 1 teaspoon almond oil in 1 teaspoon cooked oatmeal. Apply this mask to your entire face, then wait for it to dry. Afterward, wash off this mask with water. Afterward, apply moisturizer to the face. To acquire beautiful and clean skin, use this mask twice a week.

Dark spot removed by oat meal face mask
8. Oatmeal, Banana, and Rose Water

Mash a banana and mix 1 tsp. oatmeal and 3 tsp rosewater. Allow it to sit on your face for 20 minutes.. After that wash the face with water and apply toner. To get clear skin, apply this natural face mask at home once a month.

9. Oatmeal and Milk

Boil oats in milk, then as soon as it cools down, apply it to your face. Wash your face with cool water 15 minutes later. It works wonders on greasy cheeks.

10. Oatmeal and Apple Juice

Mix 1 tsp cooked oatmeal and 2 tsp fresh apple juice. Once done, apply it to the face and leave it for 10 minutes. After this, apply a light moisturizer to the face. Use it twice a week. This face mask at home will remove the wrinkles on your face.

Closing Lines

Since ancient Greece and Rome, oats have been used to cure a variety of skin diseases. Oatmeal is becoming a typical element in the preparation of DIY face masks at home that soothes and renew the skin. Oatmeal face masks are good for skin hydration, exfoliating dead skin, and managing skin diseases including eczema and psoriasis due to their high nutritional content. To nourish and boost your skin’s overall health, combine oats with foods like almonds, curd, tomato, turmeric, or papaya.

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