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Effective Skincare You Must Follow For Sensitive Skin

The good news is that you can reverse any damage, just by taking extra care of your sensitive skin with skincare for sensitive skin

Being sensitive is considered good, but not all when it comes to skin. If using a new beauty product affects your skin badly, it means that your skin is sensitive. The symptoms of sensitive skin are redness, itching, rash, pimple, rashes, and swelling on the skin.

Sensitive skin can react to anything whether it’s an anti-aging serum or spending too much time in the serum or spending too much time in the sun. Sometimes the weather changes and sometimes the temperature of the water, sensitive skin needs a lot of care. The good news is that you can reverse any damage, just by taking extra care of your sensitive skin with skincare for sensitive skin. And how to do that read further below.

What is sensitive skin?

Your skin is made of a protective layer, which holds moisture and protects your skin from dust, particles, and dirt from the environment when this layer gets damaged due to various reasons, your skin becomes hyper- active and your skin becomes dry, itchy, and irritated. People with sensitive skin also get certain types of skin disorders.

Symptoms of sensitive skin

You can easily understand the symptoms of sensitive skin are very common

  • Itchy skin
  • Redness on the skin
  • Reaction to skin care products
  • Excessive dryness of skin in winter
  • Redness of the skin after bathing in hot water
  • Flushes after eating spicy food

What to do or what not skincare Tip

 What to do

1. Wash your face with lukewarm water, not hot or cold water.

2. Before using any new product, do a patch test. Leave it on your hand for atleast  24 hours.

3. Water is good for our health as well as for our skin. Drinking enough water gives our skin a natural glow and gets rid of toxins.

4. Use a mild face wash for sensitive skin and try to wash only once a day to keep dryness away from the skin. Do not use a cleanser in the morning, just splash water on the face and clean it thoroughly at night.

5. Keep your skin moisturized. A natural moisturizer natural.

6. Choose tinted moisturizers and cream-based makeup products over foundation. According to beauty experts, foundation and powder-based makeup products tend to accentuate fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin dry.

7. Always use soaps, makeup products, creams, moisturizers, or lotions that are unscented or have very little natural fragrance.

 What not to do

1. Don’t add too many new products to your skincare for sensitive skin at once. This will make it easier to know which products are not suitable for your skin.

2. Do not take bath with hot water for a long time. It sounds good to us but it can be herbal for sensitive skin.

3. If there is any rash or discomfort on the skin, do not treat it yourself. You may feel like you are treating the problem with a product, but that productively be increasing the sensitivity. Always seek the advice of your dermatologist when starting a new skincare regimen.

4. Never assume that a product labeled ‘natural’ or ‘hypoallergenic’ won’t irritate your skin.

5. Never sleep with your makeup on. This allows foundation, powder, dirt, and oil to sit on your skin overnight, which can lead to pimples.

Home remedies for soothing sensitive skin

Aloe Vera

For this, you need 1 tsp each of aloe vera, vitamin E oil & almond oil & mix all of these ingredients well but must note that aloe vera gel should be mixed properly in the oils. After that by taking an adequate amount apply it on the affected area and, Leave it overnight. Once the next morning arrives, wash it off with water.

How it works:-

Aloe vera is always considered a great remedy for treating all kinds of skin problems whether it is acne, pimple, or dry skin. That’s why aloe vera is also considered for skincare for sensitive skin too. Aloe Vera is known for its therapeutic and healing properties as it hydrates and nourishes skin deep within. Soothes the skin by calming inflammation plus also it improves overall skin texture.

Green Tea

For this, you need 2- 4 green tea bags, 1, tsp of honey, and 1 cup of water. After that put green tea bags in water and put them on the gas to boil & Let it boil until the color starts coming out of the tea leaves. Now let this tea cool for 5 to 7 minutes. Now add honey to this tea water. When it remains lukewarm, wash your face with it. You can repeat this process daily.

How it works:

This is a sensitive skin homemade face wash, which works wonders on your skin. Green tea contains antioxidants, which repair the damage done by free radicals. Also, protects the skin from further damage. It is also helpful in reducing inflammation in the skin. Green tea contains catechism, which has anti-bacterial properties. Cleansing your skin on a greedy basis removes toxins, evens out skin tone, and reduces clogged pores.

Rose water

For this, you need Rose water filled in a bottle, better if you put it in a spray bottle. You can do this at any time of the day and many times. You can also apply it to your lips with the help of cotton.

How it works:

This is a natural toner, which you can analyze. Rose water restores the pH balance of your sensitive skin. Also opens the pores by removing oil dust and dirt from your skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which soothe your damaged and irritated skin. Rose water brings back the moisture in your sensitive skin.


Sensitive skin needs to be taken care of separately so that there is no further problem or skin irritation. If your skin is sensitive, then keep in mind that always do a patch test before using any product on your face.

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