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Try This Skincare Regimen If You Have Oily or Dehydrated Skin

Oily or Dehydrated Skin

A person with oily skin does not necessarily have hydrated skin; a person with dehydrated skin can also have oily skin. It is only necessary to have the right oily skincare routine that addresses both hydration and oil production. so before we opt for any skin routine regime It’s crucial to understand the variations in skin types and skin conditions in order to properly care for your skin.

Every person is born with a certain type of skin. Dry, normal, oily, and combo skin types are found. Different people’s skin type naturally differs from a skin condition that makes them dry or sensitive. So let’s Find out the telltale signs of having oily, dehydrated skin and the appropriate skincare solutions to control it.

What is Oily Skin?

‘Our oil glands produce sebum to keep the skin soft and moisturized. But when more sebum is produced, our skin becomes oily and pimples appear on it. There are only two main causes of oily skin hormones and heredity. Fluctuations in hormones lead to an increase in androgen. This increases the amount of sebum and if there is too much androgen in the body, it is expelled through the sebum pores. This sebum makes our outer skin oily. Proper care is essential to get rid of oily skin.

What is dehydrated skin? 

Dehydrated skin is not synonymous with “very dry” skin, despite what people think. Dry skin lacks oil because it produces less sebum than normal/combination skin. Due to a lack of sebum, the skin lacks the lipids required to retain moisture and build a strong enough barrier to defend itself against external aggressors.

Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, is caused by a lack of water rather than an absence of oil. Because of this, the skin may be normal, combination, or oily while simultaneously being dry. Dehydrated skin frequently results in excessive sebum production to make up for the skin’s lack of hydration, which is why it is simple to confuse dehydrated skin with oily skin. Sebum will be produced in excess, yet your skin won’t receive the proper and required amount of hydration. This results in the ideal conditions for acne and congested pores.

Oily dehydrated skin signs

Some indications of dehydration if you have oily skin include –

Dull looking skin 

Skin can get dulled from dehydration. When moisture levels are low, you’ll see a dull, lifeless complexion as a result.

Inflamed & Itchy skin

Your skin may feel tight and scratchy if the outermost layer isn’t sufficiently moisturized. Even when the skin’s surface is very oily, flaky patches are frequently seen.

Signs of aging 

When skin is dry, age-related signs are more noticeable. Moisture-deprived skin is unable to recover from damage. The emergence of a network of fine lines that are specifically related to dehydration also occurs as a result of dehydration, which does make deeper lines more noticeable. Once the skin is properly hydrated again, its look fades.

Ingredients for Oily, dehydration skin issues 

Fortunately, dehydration is temporary but the finest skin care items for oily dehyderated skin are those that are developed with hydrating ingredients.

Here are some items to watch out for in dehydrated skin treatment  :

Hyaluronic acid It’s a natural humectant with exceptional hydrating properties is hyaluronic acid. Acts as a magnet to draw moisture from the skin’s deepest cells. 

Niacinamide is efficient at repairing the skin’s protective barrier, which helps to prevent oily,dehydration and moisture loss.

Squalene is an antioxidant with advantageous moisturizing characteristics squalene is non -irritating and suitable for skin that is prone to acne.

Oily dehydrated skin routine

 Do not wash your face frequently

People who have oily skin probably shouldn’t wash their face continuously during the day and if you do, it’s very dangerous. If you wash your face frequently to get rid of the oiliness on your face, don’t do it anymore. You should always Learn how to care properly for your skin. So use a cleanse that is suitable for oily,dehyderated skin and wash your face with it only twice a day. Remember, this cleanser should be oil-free.

Use of moisturizer is necessary

Some people find that their skin is so oily and that they don’t need a moisturizer, then you are wrong if you think like this. Experts believe that applying moisturizer will aggravate the problem than reduce it. Moisturizer helps in reducing the stickiness of your skin so even if you have oily skin, moisturizer for dehydrated skin should be used.

Like Vedicline Open Pore moisturizing lotion rich in the goodness of tea tree oil which helps to eliminate surface oils without over-drying or creating irritation, contributing to its capacity to fight oily skin and also open clogged pores by keeping skin nourished and healthy good for oily dehydrated skin.

Exfoliate the skin

Sweat and oil are more harmful to your oily skin as they bring all of the impurities which help build clogged pores. In addition, during the summer, sweat accumulates more dust in the pores of the skin. For this reason, it is essential to exfoliate oily,dehyderated skin, at least on hot summer days. All you have to do is use a scrub that suits your skin. This will even out your skin tone like Vedicline papaya scrub using this scrub helps to remove the dust trapped in the pores on your skin & exfoliate the skin at least thrice a week.

Toner is very important

Toner is one of the most essential beauty products for oily skin because it is very effective in controlling the extra oil deposited on the skin. Like Vedicline Green Apple Toner helps tightens the face and it works to bring a glow to the face in a natural way also helps in shrinking the skin pores and controls sebum production to balance the ph levels of the skin and does not spoil your skin.

The End 

The key to balancing the skin is to return to moderation: look for products that aren’t excessively thick or powerful. Your oily, dehydrated skin will return to normal over time with care, patience, and time.

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